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Meet matt

During his over a decade in politics, Matt was involved in leading fundraising operations for many high profile political campaigns ranging from top tier U.S. Senate and Congressional races, statewide & local races in Kentucky and in surrounding states; as well as 527 groups across the country including the Democratic Governors Association. Matt helped raise over $50 million for those campaigns and interest groups during that time span. Matt has also advised capital efforts in the entrepreneurial venture capital space.

Matt also serves as Vice President of the New Leaders Council. Matt has a broad portfolio of responsibilities including over seeing development, government affairs, policy development and strategic partnerships for NLC. During his time at the NLC, he led the organization to raising over $9 million in five years prior to that NLC had only raised a total of $400,000 as an entire organization in its first five year since its creation in 2006.

For his private sector work, Matt serves as the Vice President of Wildcat Digital a full-service campaign, brand management, and donor advisory firm. Wildcat Digital is in partnership with Nashville based CounterPoint Messaging, a leading Democratic campaign media outfit.

Matt is a native of Louisville, KY and a 2009 magna cum laude graduate from the University of Louisville, with a Bachelors of Science in Political Science, Economics and History and currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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